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    1. Thanks Bob, I was having issues with the site every time GoDaddy updated WordPress, Plugins, etc. They offered me a new authoring system until the 16th of May, so I rewrote the whole site over in the new system. The new authoring system is demo’d at After seeing some limitations working with the new system I decided it had too many limitations for the future, so I rewrote our whole WordPress site over again to make it more efficient. GoDaddy support could not figure out why the site would break when there were updates and wanted me to pay for an expert to look at it. I told them no thanks and learned they use older technology which makes their sites slower. We will probably find a new host when our contract is up in 2020.

  1. Bob,

    All information on the website is updated when received. The minutes were received on July 10, and June financials were received on July 15. Your inquiry and viewing of the website was on the July 6, so these documents were not available yet.

  2. With the 4th of July quickly approaching, the limited parking situation at the Sunset Royale always presents a challenge. We have hired security for the day, but remind owners that there are limited Permit spaces available. No passes will be issued without a license plate, unit number, and guest name associated with it. We ask that you limit your request to one additional space per unit to be fair to your neighbors. We obviously cannot accommodate all requests, but we will try to create additional parking along the fence. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

  3. The new Wind Mitigation Report with pictures has been posted in the HOA Documents link.

    This report is used by your insurance company to determine risk in case of a storm.

  4. nice visit over Memorial Day, Beach was extremely busy. The building looks very nice. Lots of people looking for parking and Bathrooms. Drew was the security to prevent illegal parking. He was very nice explaining they would be towed if they choose to park. He was Thanked and they moved on. I was also stopped and he just gave me the spiel until I told him who I was. Bathrooms continue to be a issue and we need to keep Laundry Room door closed. Everyone needs to keep unit locked.

  5. A quick note to everyone, Last week the A/C Maintenance was completed. The company did an excellent job and I would recommend them to all owners for a second follow-up maintenance in November. Those units that were serviced should be receiving a service receipt on their unit.
    On Saturday May 27, New View window was on site and did clean the main viewing windows on our building. Just a note, they did not remove or clean any window with a screen. These windows can be serviced from inside the condo without damaging the screens.


  6. Appreciate yr response and I guess the amount received was more than anticipated as memory serves me that the amount for the special assessment mentioned at one time was in the area of abt $1,000 !!!

    1. Verified with Julie this morning that the letter will be sent out tomorrow. It will show the calculation of the final loan repayment amount. The BP settlement was applied to the loan as originally intended to partially offset the cost which resulted in the lower special assessment.

  7. Jack,

    I directed Julie to mail out the letters last week, so you should be receiving the letter shortly. The final amount ended up being $718 and change. If we wait until Oct. 30 to determine the status of the reserves, it will be difficult to create and review the financial analysis and finalize the budget without having solid numbers. The Sept. 30 date is essentially Oct 1 which gives you 4 months to pay. This amounts to less than $200 per month. We can discuss the date at the next meeting, but this should not be a burden for most people. The budget has to be mailed out in the beginning of December so this only gives us two iterations to finalize the budget (Oct. and Nov. meetings).

  8. The Deepwater Horizon (BP) check was received today!

    Owners will be receiving a new notice by mail regarding the Special Assessment that was approved by the Board and voted on by the membership to repay the loan from Reserves. The amount of the Special Assessment will be adjusted down by the amount of the BP settlement check. Owners will have until Sept. 30, 2017 to pay off the Special Assessment.

    1. Frank,
      Today is May 15 and no further word on this amount to be paid by Sept. 30.
      I really think as I pointed out in the last meeting that this date needs to be extended to at least Oct. 31 as I know for myself that I will be away and traveling during the months ahead and really need some time to arrange for this payment. Money seems not to be an issue for many owners but I am not in that class and am still reeling the effects of the some $80,000 assessment for the building renovation !!!

  9. At the last Board meeting in March, it was suggested to form a committee to look into the renovation of the parking lot and carports. This committee would provide input to the Board to help them make decisions about this project which is slated for completion in 2018. The committee would research carport and paving options and poll the community as to what they would like the replacements to look like. They would coordinate with the property manager Julie Trimpe, who would obtain quotes for the work to be performed and make sure that the project meets budget constraints. It is preferable that the committee be independent of present Board members. If you are interested in volunteering for this committee, please respond to this post.

  10. Recently, it was noted that some of our residents witnessed people smoking marijuana and sleeping on the roof of unit 318. This type of illegal activity should be reported to the Sarasota Police department at their non-emergency number (941) 316-1199. Taking this action will not endanger residents or guests, and will send a message that this activity is being watched and will not be tolerated. Please help make the Sunset Royale a safe environment by reporting any suspicious activity that you witness to the authorities.

  11. The water pressure test will be conducted tomorrow, March 30th some time between 1:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. If you have concerns over the pressure in your unit please consider attending. The pressure will be measured at the street and on the 4th floor to determine if the building has adequate water pressure. This test was run previously in November and the pressure at the street was 63.3 lbs. and adequate flow was observed on the 4th floor, although pressure readings were not reported. The test is being conducted again to determine if the pressure drops during the season, when there is a greater demand for water in the building due to higher occupancy.

  12. Suggestion for Unit Photos. TSA uses a property layout map with links to each unit from there. This gives that added knowledge of location to each unit. Can you copy this format?

    1. Hard to do given the constraints of godaddys watered down WordPress. I could put a layout picture followed by the list of units. I would probably need Steves permission to use his layout picture, otherwise I have to draw my own.

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